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Raccoon Control

Raccoons are mischevious animals that scavenge for food and destroy property in the process. They have 5 fingers on their paws and have a sharp sense of hearing and smell. They feed on trash, pet food, plants and small animals like rodents. Raccoons are also excellent climbers. Once they are on rooftops, they can easily pry open vents and gain access to attics and crawl spaces. They will use insulation or wiring found in those areas to build their nests.

Raccoon infestations can be dangerous because they are aggressive and strong. Their feces and urine can contaminate an area and may require cleanup in order to prevent disease from spreading. Raccoons can also introduce other parasites like fleas, mites and bed bugs to an area they infest.

Raccoon Removal

Do not try to trap or remove raccoons yourself. These animals are very aggressive and strong and require a professional to remove them. They can also carry rabies or other dangerous diseases and it is best to leave it to a professional to handle the problem.

The trained and certified Pest Team Six professionals use a 67 Point Roof to Ground Inspection that ensures we find all points of entry on the structure the animals are using to get in. This is to ensure your Pest Team Six tech is able to completely seal off entry points, gaps and crevices. Pest Team Six technicians will either trap and relocate away invading pests, exclude the pests from the structure using specialized one way devices or remove the animals by hand using specialized handling tools.

Pest Team Six technicians are all home repair specialists as well. Once animals are removed the process of fixing their left behind damage begins. Pest Team Six will seal off, repair and install preventive measure to ensure damaged substrates are fixed and the exterior is like new. This also protects against future animals and pests breaching back into the structure.

Pest Team Six also offers Bio-Hazardous Waste Removal services. When pests breach into interior voids of structures such as attics, ceilings and walls they leave behind fecal, droppings, urine, nesting material, birthing material and other forms of defecation and bacteria. These contaminations must be removed along with the soiled insulation to ensure occupants are not contracting disease and infection. Pest Team Six technicians will remove contaminants, soiled insulation, apply bacterial and germicidal spray applications and then blow back in fresh insulation completely restoring the area.

Wildlife Protection Program

Pest Team Six offers monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly protection programs to keep raccoons and other pests off your property. Pest Team Six has been trusted by thousands of customers since 1994 so rest assured we will get rid of your pesky home invaders. If that’s not enough we’re completely bonded and insured and every technician is trained and certified in pest control management.

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Raccoon Exclusion & Cleanup

Waste Removal & Cleanup

Our team will remove waste and sterilize an area to prevent the spread of disease and other pests.


Pest Team Six technicians will install mesh and seal entrances to keep raccoons from returning.

Damage Restoration

Our certified team can repair any infestation related damage to your property.

Other Wildlife We Control

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Pest Team Six

Pest Team Six has been the trusted choice for thousands of homes and businesses since 1994. Offering one of the most humane, certified, professional and quality assured Animal & Pest Control Services. Pest Team Six technicians are all certified, licensed and trained along with wildlife biologists on staff. Pest Team Six’s removal and mitigation services are also some of the most cost effective in the industry backed by the one the best warranties available.